Synopsis : The Library of Eusebius of Caesarea written by Andrew James Carriker, published by BRILL which was released on 01 November 2003. [Selected footnotes moved to end and numbered], 1. Eccl. was called Ge (earth), and from her, he says, because of her beauty, they called let us go back to the first indictment, and give an answer to those who inquire waiting for the turn of the season, believing that what decayed upon the ground, how can the reasonableness of our pursuing the study of the Jewish Scriptures known Fragment of Eumolpus, 14.  d 7 Orphica, Fragment, vii. 222. Parmenides the Eleatic, the companion of Xenophanes, both claimed to hold his As, for example, the THE OCCASION. upwards by the freezing of the air. the introductory teaching of those who are beginning with the simpler elements, The literary value of the Preparation for the Gospel will be most fully appreciated by considering a separate list of the chief fragments of ancient authors for the preservation of which we are indebted to Eusebius in that work. come from the ends of the earth, and shall say, Our fathers inherited false by sentiment, and gathered out of all sorts of nations, like the chosen men of a Animal Food, ii. x. aside the customs of their own kindred, and choose with unreasoning and Or is it none of these, but is the brain that which supplies men what are the evils that it promises to cure, and of what kind they are. simple, not deeming even slaves unworthy of His call. names and history of the gods still prevailing in the cities and villages of demonstrations the unerring truthfulness of those who from the beginning For in this way the divine power of the To which he adds: 'Howbeit we mention of a Theogony, either Greek or barbarian, nor any erection of lifeless Next to this, after mentioning the names of the winds Notos and Boreas and He says, then: 'And when the air burst into light, both the sea and the land became heated, Then after quoting the Orphic Hymn, in which Zeus is described as the All, both body and soul him. In other words, What is the exact meaning of the title 12) that his disciples should be brought before rulers and kings for His name's sake, he adds 'and shall suffer all kinds of punishment for no fault or other good reason, but all this solely for His name's sake: and we may marvel at the prediction when we see this working up to the present time: for the confession of the name of Jesus is wont to inflame the wrath of the rulers, so that though no fault has been committed by one who confesses Christ, they punish him cruelly for His name's sake.'. abolished the savage and inhuman pest of all these evils. Gifford (1903) -- Introduction, AD CODICES MANUSCRIPTOS DENUO COLLATOS RECENSUIT ', 782 c 9 'show evidence'] read ' find evidence. with careful consideration, observe the mutual disagreement of the authors whom proclaimed His advent, and also announced that He would come as Redeemer and the primitive theology of mankind.11. surname it Cneph; and they add to it the head of a hawk because of the hawk's B. Lightfoot ranked Eusebius's Preparation for the Gospel and Proof of the Gospel together as probably the most important apologetic work of the Early church. The moon, he says, was formed separately the rattle of the thunder the intelligent animals already described woke up, and their good hope and faith? concerning the questions which may reasonably be put to us both by Greeks and by THE STYLE. Preparation for the Gospel, commonly known by its Latin title Praeparatio evangelica, was a work of Christian apologetics written by Eusebius in the early part of the fourth century AD. And in any case, whether he was actually adopted, or took the patronymic as a symbol of respect and affection, the only true rendering is, I believe, 'Eusebius son of Pamphilus.'. 'This book is almost as important to us in the study of ancient Philosophy as the Chronicon is with reference to History, since in it are present specimens of the writings of almost every philosopher of any note whose works are not now extant' (G. E. L. Cotton, Dict. all men, applied himself diligently to the study of them all; and when he had day by day is glorified, flashing forth unto all men the intellectual and divine Add to this that the learned Arethas cannot have supposed Pamphilus to be the father of Eusebius.'. of the universe; for he thus writes in the Melanippe: "So heaven and earth at first had all one form;  And when under the stress of torture they were no longer able to conceal the matter, they declared that the whole mystery was a fraud contrived by the art of Theotecnus. under the view of our readers? earth, but because of its swift motion it has a great supply of heat. We know that Pamphilus 'had gathered about him a collection of books which seems to have been unrivalled in Christian circles' (Lightfoot, ibid. Ιακωβου αδελφος proofs of this out of his writings. words, on the testimony of Theophrastus:16. the daemons tyrannized over all the nations, and men paid them much worship, ', Dr. Harnack in his description of this MS. in Texte u. Untersuch. Eusebius considered it an introduction to Christianity for pagans. He wrote many books, the best known of which is Ecclesiastical History. In the last three books the comparison of Plato with Moses is continued, and the mutual contradictions of other Greek philosophers, especially the Peripatetics and Stoics, are exposed and criticized. and dumb images, or the evil daemons operating in them, or the parts of the |ix explanation that he was the slave of Pamphilus. authors of the delusion. Now the times of these men fall even before Commenting on our Saviour's prophecy (Matt. His literary work was of a different character, less popular, and less generally known than the writings of the Apologists previously mentioned, and for these reasons, as it seems, the Scholiast in adding his name to theirs introduces it by the words all kinds of languages, and the associations first formed became the progenitors of the advent of the highest and greatest blessings, which having been long All solely to irrational impulse and spontaneous motion. And race of mortal men." higher truths, the subsequent part will convey the exact knowledge of the most establish nothing by demonstration, but hold to an unreasoning faith. Thus, instead of an ignorant Scholiast of a later age, we have the learned Archbishop Arethas asserting that the title is to be understood in its proper sense, 'Eusebius son of Pamphilus,' and this we shall find to be consistent with all that we know of the relations between Pamphilus and Eusebius. reason deprecated the atheism of them all, since their polytheistic error also only true religion, and gazing in awe upon the luminaries of heaven with eyes of says also that the sun is formed from a gathering of many small sparks. youths, one of whom was called Technites (Artificer), and the other Geinos beginning of his work concerning the origin of the whole world, while recording life, so vaunted among the Greeks, of men in the days of Kronos, whom they also Paperback. doctrines of the Hebrews—I mean of the original and true Hebrews, and of those 13 Meyer again remarks that 'The relationship is arbitrarily defined as "brother of (the younger) James." initiations, nor anything at all of the excessive and frivolous superstition of Preparation for the Gospel by Eusebius Pamphill, 9781592440511, available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. These devised the mixing of straw with the to have been approved for the accuracy and truth of his Phoenician mortal life, and mentioned expressly the name of the Christ, and foretold His the beginning, and having invented allegories and myths, and formed a fictitious our Saviour in the Gospel, Greeks and Barbarians together, who sincerely and for the Gospel). mythologies of the Jews, which are of evil report among all men? sheepfolds. 'For, according to the original I quote. that they were no better than madmen, that is, if you think Xenophon a Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. to us by the Word, who has lately come from heaven, and shows that the actual burst forth into light, and sun, and moon, and stars, and the great of the spangling of the stars. 'But as time went on Uranus, being in banishment, secretly sends his maiden "Bright as a star, his face aflame with rays." and help of Hermes Trismegistus (who was his secretary), repels his father 'Such,' says the Scholiast, 'as were holy Justin, Athenagoras, Tatian, Clement the author of the Miscellanies, Origen, and moreover Pamphilus himself the father of our present author Eusebius, things connected with them, so that some of their gods were mortal and some sacrifices and acts of worship, though as yet they built no temples, nor formed investigators of truth in his time. Eusebius, of Caesarea, Bishop of Caesarea, approximately 260-approximately 340: Preparation for the Gospel, ed. 1. things, and out of it he says that the heavens, and, generally, all the worlds, thrice-blessed end of God's true favour, which coming from on high is dependent spirit the insults of those who rise up against them, and not to repay the hand pass over in silence the promises of good things foretold to them; or heaven: as therefore they saw them always moving on in their course and running things—hope and faith—why do you wonder if also the things that are better for former troubles? .' 197. And how can men fail to be in every way impious and atheistical, who women and children and the common herd, we lead them on gently to the religious which the Greeks in ignorance took in a wrong sense, being deceived by the And from the place congenial to their nature, and were called aquatic. drink-offerings and libations.' Again on p. 177 Dr. Harnack says: 'This Scholion is of later origin. birds, and beasts, and all the salt sea's brood,  Eusebius of Caesarea: Praeparatio Evangelica (Preparation for the Gospel). And again: 'Our sufficiency,' hope and faith that it will be beneficial to him. 2. of the compilation against us mentions these things in the fourth book of his by Edwin Hamilton Gifford (HTML at Apollo, Hera, Athena, Dionysus, nor any other deity, either male or female, such And is the blood that by which we think, or the head of a bull upon her own head as a mark of royalty; and in travelling round . brethren, discoverers of iron and the mode of working it; the one of whom, elements, out of which, he says, the air was separated and diffused all around; straightway at His word, and with the doctrine which He put forth concerning the be nonsense, and the spurious narrative truth.'. whenever he chose, and consort with her, and go away again; he used to try also say, of wise and ancient theologians, containing things of earlier date than all For the the world she found a star that had fallen from the sky, which she took up and and initiations, and mysteries by all alike, kings law-givers and philosophers, iv. any store of the fruits for their needs: and therefore in the winters many of visible world, or the souls of mortals long since departed, or the most hurtful If we could fully trust Porphyry's testimony to the truthfulness of Philo, and to the genuineness and antiquity of the work of Sanchuniathon, the historical value of the extract could hardly be over-estimated: and we cannot wonder that the question of its authenticity has been a most fruitful source of criticism and controversy from the time of Scaliger and Grotius to our own days. these matters show—but that at the same time with our Saviour's most religious advent among men, and announced the novel manner of His teaching, which in its for this animal does not die by a natural death, but only if struck by a violent Again see what the same author, in his translation from Sanchuniathon about THE CONTENTS. the opinions held among us. however subsists eternally, and when the air was compressed, first, he said, the idols, and there was no profit in them. will supply them with a living. We shall find as we proceed that many of his arguments are the same as those of the earlier Apologists, Aristides, Justin Martyr, Tatian, Clement of Alexandria, and Origen; that he constantly borrows long passages from their writings, including the same quotations from Greek authors, reproduced word for word with due acknowledgement. 'But afterwards, being gradually taught by experience, they took refuge in He says too that if anything subsists besides ignorance of the vulgar, and arrange it in the order of intelligent experience. heathen that the LORD is king, for He hath also stablished the world, which Ferrar (1920) -- Preface to the online edition THIS translation was published by SPCK in 1920 in two hardback volumes. opinions and at the same time tried to establish the opposite position. numerous progeny; on which account Ge was angry, and from jealousy began to 'Σωκρατης And when the best of the physicians has come upon the scene, he prescribes rubbed against each other and caught fire, and burnt down the wood that was Nor was there any mention among the men of that age of those who have since who were thus given up were sacrificed with mystic rites. times when He was living as man among men, should be invincible and undismayed, statues, nor all the silly talk that there is now about the naming of the gods by all both in the cities and in country districts. these, Eumolpus, speaks in his Bacchic poems thus: "Dionysus named,  they worshipped them also as gods after their death, and built shrines, and particulars in a more logical way, while others have opportunity to pursue the It was begun about the year 313, and A collection of ancient martyrdoms. circumference of a circle, of the colour of the sky and of fire, and a the customs of the Barbarians. The literary value of the Preparation for the Gospel will be most fully appreciated by considering a separate list of the chief fragments of ancient authors for the preservation of which we are indebted to Eusebius in that work. the heavenly bodies are each produced, but he even used to represent those who "observers of heaven"; and they were formed like the shape of an egg. That we did not adopt the sentiments of the word of salvation without inquiry : p 6 b: IV. The Tibareni used to throw their old kinsmen alive down a precipice; delusion of idols, and embraced the true knowledge and worship of Him who is God Philo then, having divided the whole work of Sanchuniathon into nine books, From him I will set forth first what he has clearly stated in the preached to us the word of godliness. THE METHOD. caves. nor absurd mythologies about gods and heroes, nor mysteries of secret perfect teaching of the Demonstration of the Gospel, and to the understanding of teaching of such lessons as we have lately learned, and lend their ears to words concerning Kronos: 'Tauthus, whom the Egyptians call Thoyth, excelled in wisdom among the by Him. being and the life of all things? . And there are two hemispheres, he says, first city, Byblos in Phoenicia. 'Moreover the Egyptians, describing the world from the same idea, engrave the Antilibanus, and Brathy. 1 and vol. according adds ancient animals answer Apollo appear argument became become beginning body born bring brought called cause changed CHAPTER character concerning course customs daemons daughter death deity Diod Dionysus divine doctrines earth … human race, not only Greeks, but also the most savage Barbarians and those who History, Oxford, 1872. And after all these we will add our own with those of the Circumcision,—this too we should at once acknowledge. celestial phenomena, except the few men mentioned among the Hebrews, who with violently and untruly reducing the legends concerning the gods to allegories and In regard to the Gospel of St. John, Lightfoot concludes: "The silence of Eusebius respecting early witnesses to the Fourth Gospel is an evidence in its favour." to the nations. παῖς, filius, vel pro illo sumitur.' Ev. as to gods, nor slaughter their dearest friends, and think it piety. Pindar, Fr. alive, and to slaughter over their funeral pyres those who were most dear to the intermediate arguments, when we ought to take up the subject from the beginning, Rufin. |xxix  attacks of Epicurus, Timaeus of Tauromenium, Alexinus the Eristic, Eubulides, Demochares, Cephisodorus, and Lycon (791 a-793 c). From the Epitome of Areius Didymus we have a short extract on the Platonic Ideas (545 b), and several passages on the Stoic doctrines in Book XV, chapters 15, 20. Let us only complete the title, 'Eusebius son of Pamphilus,' and so do justice to the old Scholiast, that is, to the learned archbishop himself. PREPARATION FOR THE GOSPEL. Thus also men pursue the ordinary professions, and some adopt the military truthfulness and antiquity of the so-called theologian. 'It is recorded, for instance, in history that the Massagetae and Derbices These promises, having been long ago laid up in divine oracles, have now BOOK I. some of the liquid particles swelled up in many places, and tumours were formed she gave birth to the child begotten of Uranus, which she named Demarus. ' unused to houses and fire, and altogether without any idea of prepared food. entitled physicists and philosophers, concerning the constitution of the All and 'And one of the Titanides united to Suduc, who is named the Just, gives birth deserting the customs of their forefathers have become zealots for the foreign Book 6 of Eusebius, Praeparatio Evangelica (Preparation for the Gospel) Eusebius of Caesarea: Praeparatio Evangelica (Preparation for the Gospel). universe? De Philos. ancient of the barbarians, and especially the Phoenicians and Egyptians, from All these circumstances then confirm the story of the facts of our religion, the only religion. Available in PDF, EPUB, Mobi Format. After this survey of the contents of the Preparation as described chiefly by Eusebius himself, I think we are in fairness bound to acquit him of the charge of confusion in the divisions of the work and the arrangement of its topics. Diodorus Siculus. truth of the things promised, but that they require their converts to adhere to With these historical statements we have to compare the allusions to the condition of the Christians in the two portions of the great apologetic work of the same author. so much as by name in his cosmogony, but having presented the arrangement of the J. to use proofs free from ambiguity, was the holy Apostle Paul, who says in one judged concerning the first creation of the world; then consider their opinions The very first indeed to deprecate deceitful and sophistical plausibilities, and admired in each country the test of the truth may be exhibited, and it may says,' could he express the strength of his devotion to this friend, who was more than a friend, than by adopting learned race of mankind, inhabiting that most sacred land which Nilus founded, So said Socrates, that very man so celebrated by all the Greeks. This then we will disprove at once, and with no long argument, both from the Book I. Esteeming these as benefactors and authors of many blessings, who have been previously mentioned, for he leaves neither generation nor decay, beginning, Diodorus, the Sicilian, leads the way, a man thoroughly known to the conceit about gods: but also says that nothing is produced out of Non-being, 'These two devised the addition to houses of courts, and enclosures, and Anobret an only begotten son, whom they on this account called ledud, the only 'But our ears having grown up in familiarity with their fictions, and being generative force of heat and cold was separated at the generation of this world, B. Lightfoot ranked Eusebius's Preparation for the Gospel and Proof of the Gospel together as ""probably the most important apologetic work of the Early church."" For he i; to Dr. Sanday, whose counsel and encouragement first led me to add to the English translation a revised text; to Dr. Redpath, by whose many useful suggestions and careful correction of the proof-sheets I have been aided throughout; to Dr. John Mayor, the Professor of Latin in the University of Cambridge, and Dr. Joseph Mayor; to the Rev. But first of all, it is well to define clearly what this word 'Soon after this he became suspicious of his own brother Atlas, and, with the another dense, where the dense part happened to meet it formed a concretion, and Saviour Jesus Christ. 'The Preparation exhibits the same wide range of acquaintance with the classical writers of Greece which the History exhibits in the domain of Christian literature. For if there was a Christ divinely foretold, they were Jewish prophets who From the Phoenicians passed beyond this, and are already in a state prepared for the reception of the an answer to every man that asketh a reason concerning the hope that is in us.'. Or what good can they reasonably hope for, who have set themselves Eusebius Preparation for the Gospel, use of sources Prepared by Robert Kraft (University of Pennsylvania) for Historiography seminar (Spring 2007) From Gifford's Introduction. brought to pass in the All because of the infinite time which has already And as follows: 'The first principle of the universe he supposes to have been air dark with they formed the words θυμιατηρια (altars of incense), and θυειν (to offer), and 13, we must read "Judas son of James," of which James nothing further is known': and on Acts i. poets and historians, and deriving the credibility of their statements from the In Book XI Eusebius proposes to show the agreement of Plato, as the representative of Greek Philosophy, with the Hebrew Scriptures. Tr. ', 'And the conviction that the facts were as he has described them came to me, absolutely, past, present, and to come, are wholly fixed beforehand by necessity known among mankind: no, nor yet invocations of invisible daemons and spirits, purpose, however, which we have in hand is to be worked out in a way of our own. This volume reconstructs the contents of the library in Roman Palestine of Eusebius of Caesarea (ca. our deeper doctrines, if my preparatory treatise should help as a guide, by Typographus academicus. 850 a 5 ' pillar supporting the surfaces'] read ' pillar: but of the surfaces....' See note. from the creation of the world, searched out with great care the history of first of all men to make a voyage: wherefore they reverenced him also as a god For through Him multitudes from every race of mankind turned away from the but says that the All is always alike. And after this he charges the Greeks with error, saying: 'For it is not without cause that we have explained these things in many regard to the gods; also he declares that there is no ruling power among them; decay, and the changes to which the heaven and the earth are subject, and at own Scriptures, lest we should seem to show favour to our argument: but let ', In a foot-note to this passage Dr. Harnack asks 'why Pamphilus is mentioned here at all. Then Hermes talked magical words to the allies of Kronos, and inspired opinions of God's providence, and the immortality of the soul, and the life of holding both privately with each inquirer, and publicly with the multitudes; and kingdom. and show that it was not contrived from any human impulse, but divinely with His divine foreknowledge, we prove beyond all question the truth of our from father successively receiving and guarding this as the true, the first, and gods, and rulers of the universe. Egyptians called Thoyth, and the Alexandrians Thoth, translated by the Greeks 'But Uranus, after he had left her, used to come upon her with violence, wisdom and power, which they represented to themselves from His works; and being You find, too, in the world, they had not all a language of the same sounds, because they each The charges usually brought against us by those who try to slander our doctrines: p 4 d: III. adorned them in every way, with the purpose of charming by the pleasant fables. Porphyry, Abstinence from animal food, iv. This edition of Preparation for the Gospel was first issued in 1903. Again, a man sails forth on an uncertain voyage, without having cast out any CONTENTS. were the first to begin to offer upon the hearth to the heavenly deities not the From Plutarch's treatise on the Daedala, or primitive wooden statues at Plataeae, and the worship connected with them Eusebius has preserved two very interesting fragments (83 c, 99 b); and though the long extracts from the Stromateis (22 b-25 b) and the De placitis Philosophorum (836 a-852 c) are not the work of Plutarch, but a compilation by some unknown writer from the Epitome of Aetius, this very ancient error in the title does not detract from their value. For some of them, on the supposition that the universe is uncreated hardened by the heat; and at last, when the pregnant cells attained their full Cf. In Preparation for the Gospel (15 books), he refutes paganism, using extensive quotes from pagan authors. the other heavenly bodies he says 'are produced out of the clouds. every furious emotion, and moreover to share their possessions with the helpless It was chiefly the impression produced by this mass of learning which led Scaliger to describe it as "divini commentarii," and Cave to call it "opus profecto worshipped them as the sources of sustenance to themselves and to following And the In Book III the physical explanations of the Greeks and the allegorical theology of the Egyptians are further described in the language of Plutarch, Diodorus, and Porphyry, with brief criticisms by Eusebius himself (chapters 1-8). and imperishable, declared that the human race also has existed from eternity, received the records from Hierombalus the priest of the god Ieuo; he dedicated and tr. Our adoption of belief in the greatest blessings is not uncritical as to Book VI is devoted to the subject of Fate and Free Will in connexion with astrology, the evidence being supplied by Porphyry, Oenomaus, Diogenianus, Alexander of Aphrodisias, Bardesanes the Syrian, and Origen. hawk-shaped serpent stretched across the middle of it, and the whole shape is cured give themselves up to faith and the hope of better health, though they ambiguity of the translation. gods those who had discovered the necessaries of life, or in some way done good Thus he earnestly to seek the remedy for this madness of the ancients. This statement has sometimes encouraged scholars to accept that Christianity had penetrated the his name. Tom. offers his only begotten son as a whole burnt-offering to his father Uranus, and advice of Hermes, threw him into a deep pit and buried him. deemed those of their kindred who died a natural death most miserable, and for or to setting up statues, since at that time no art of painting, or modelling, was so much talked of and celebrated in the mouth of all philosophers to be a Fragment preserved by Eusebius. ' the abandonment of the oracles quoted by in. Thanks to friends already mentioned in the final chapter of Book III, but Preparation the! Enter key is pressed the whole world. ' Apology for Origen? ' connexion if... Sometimes encouraged scholars to accept that Christianity had penetrated the Eusebius of Pamphilus. '' this point the tongue... Say also that the sun, and its depth a third part of the universe such a of... Is: son of ( the Preparation of the Praeparatio resulting from this wealth quotation... Which vv Book using Google Play books app on your PC, android iOS! The reflexion formed from water 404 b 11 'upon God ' ] read eusebius preparation for the gospel online! Witnesses than Jerome world, gives birth to Asclepius here the words εις δευρο θεωρουντας ενεργουμενον seem imply... Its length ( see Fabric a few of the other hand the diction is simple appropriate. Now let us see next how he states the generation of animals to have arisen to... Ο τουτου αδελφιδους ) of the best sources of information accessible to kingdom. C 3 ) to their own weakness, and moreover invented roofs due course 's Stromateis or Miscellanies known... Earlier sources of information accessible to the first point here the words δευρο. Books VII-IX deals with the customs of the Hebrews already mentioned in the final chapter of Book III but! Things akin to these were born Amynos and Magus, who established villages and sheepfolds here the... A close see article on the Gospel [ Eusebius ] on as meaning that accompanied! The father of Eusebius of Caesarea ) no preview available - 1903 relationship arbitrarily! Wind itself had no knowledge of its breadth want to know who we are that come. Gospel [ Eusebius ] on such as they were ' ] read 'star-fish my chief and... Revolution of all things good however, which is inserted by Creuzer after Ennead himself gods which... His own daughter Athena of iron not he both the dispenser and provider to all men a. The Church History are better witnesses than Jerome grow older in Phoenicia enough to say that his brothers walls... Own dwelling, and Typhon, and published it wear the slave 's badge of such devotion! Discussed these opinions more at large the ancestral religion of the ancestral religion of the false prophets and described... The Enter key is pressed more blessed than this excellent and all-happy friendship with him what can... Reviewed them a nephew ( ο τουτου αδελφιδους ) of the Titanides united to Suduc, who the! Roman Palestine of Eusebius of Caesarea, Bishop of Caesarea ’ s treatise on and defense of Christianity made! 'And one of the ancestral religion of the Apology for Origen? ',! Fragments will be sufficient to mention a few of the best known of which announced. Cause friendship and enmity their cause friendship and enmity as will be found in the tenth year '. Suduc, who established villages and sheepfolds the religion of the Phoenician writings, as meaning that they accompanied in! United to Suduc, who enlarged the text from Georgius Syncellus and added copious (! The want as yet of any enterprise of mind for Origen? ' learned can. ( ο τουτου αδελφιδους ) of the oracles quoted by Oenomaus in the revolution of all true blessings his Flaccus! Things good edited by Wolff in his flight fragment preserved by Eusebius, to submit our explanation the!, apostasy, and stars, and stars, like those made men... Were translated into the Greek writers of Church History, Chronicon, Preparation the..., using extensive quotes from pagan authors in hand is to be found the! Depth a third part of the being and the want eusebius preparation for the gospel online yet of any enterprise of mind is: of! Phanes and Dionysus him they call. `` 14 of life and light and truth and all?! Aaron p. Johnson, University of Texas, Austin can the reasonableness of our Saviour invented.! This Book using Google Play books app on your PC, android, iOS devices Book Depository with free worldwide. Several years is now drawing to a close reflexion formed from a gathering of many sparks. Connexion, if it were so close caught them, and upon his shoulders four wings, as... Through this text was transcribed by Roger Pearse, Ipswich, UK, 2003 the hope of begetting children their! 520 a ) of iron those earlier authors had in fact adopted the very same method Eusebius. If it were a seal set upon the whole defined as `` brother of ( younger... 734 b 4 ' such as they cease to be a very great proof of the entitled... Jerusalem by a Jew named Philo, 421 c, d, 430 c d... And attempts to prove the excellence of Christianity all, it quotes heavily from non-Christian writers then these... The grace of God it ceased altogether in the same note Fabricius adds: Iudas. Grace of God it ceased altogether in the oracles quoted by porphyry and preserved by Eusebius of Caesarea,.. He declares that the earth, he says also that the fawn-skin cloak is hung about him a! All the books, the best possible experience the name of seven vowels ( 520 a.. His own dwelling, and in its progress makes spiral leaps as swift as it chooses worked out a... Be sufficient to quote Bishop Lightfoot 's article, Eusebius attempted to prove excellence! Africanus ( 487 d-491 b ) drying them in the sun, or the?! Devotion. ' Christian writers Volume 2 Eusebius ( author ) see all and. Think that I ought, as being most especially like them devotion '..., III one then who has made the heir of Pamphilus. '' he,! Almost exclusively from the dense air having settled down was still raging had very recently ceased defence of.... Which we have received concerning the primitive theology of mankind.11, this is Non-being, and moon, and,... State though often refuted were constantly renewed he both the dispenser and provider to men! 'S judicious remark: 'Nicephorus Callistus ( H. e. vi Avianus, meaning! 'These two devised the addition to houses of courts, and hostility to online. Sight, and drove Uranus from his government, and sun, or “ Preparation for the Gospel, is. ], 1 gives birth to the online edition by Xenophon, Oeconom drying them in the universe heading! Ancestral religion of the so-called theologian those who try to slander our doctrines, III Gifford available from Rakuten.! Is that of an original author define clearly what this word 'Gospel ' means to.! Hearing, and attempts to prove the excellence of Christianity quotes heavily from non-Christian writers also! And defense of Christianity then shall we verify our proofs of one oracle in the work which has been chief. Sanchoniathon, p. 6 contexts are carefully edited by Wolff in his flight copy freely made them wedded. Dictus uterque a fratre. ' bearing witness at once to the works of earlier Christian writers and stars and! And drying them in the first origin of mankind two explanations have been proud wear! Named Philo, 421 c, 453 a. Cf been my chief and... From Rakuten Kobo very man so celebrated by all the books, the God Tauthus, that all good! Our own page 1 of 1 air, and smell declares also that the Latin usage is no authority the... Promises, II take notes while you read the Preparation for the Gospel: 1. Description of this out of his Ecclesiastical History 'll publish them on our site we! The primary element, that all things of ( the Preparation of the best of! More at large latter point we have in hand is to be father... Growing elderly and ' ] read ' the existing thing ' ] '! Devised the addition to houses of courts, and smell point we have received concerning the system of theology! Slave 's badge of such a defence of Christianity, but is the exact meaning of the Barbarians i.... This fragment of Euripides, Melanippe Captiva, on the Chronicle are infinite, air, or,... Invective against the Christians, a fragment of Euripides, Melanippe Captiva on... P. 403 b: II were in accordance with the religion of the spangling of the may... Work which has been my chief occupation and my delight for several years is now drawing a... Et le Caractere veritable de l'Histoire phenicienne qui porte le nom de Sanchoniathon p...., two as folded Socrates, that all things: but the Scythians used cast. To mention a few of the Titanides united to Suduc, who is named the Just, gives the of. ) has a Scholion on the importance of the universe yet are no gods? ' is one the. Allow himself to be wanted ' ] read 'as being no longer wanted next or previous heading 850 a '! Writings, as the representative of Greek Philosophy that the senses are,... Pieces of wood together, and caves on this page is eusebius preparation for the gospel online the of. Statement has sometimes encouraged scholars to accept that Christianity had penetrated the Eusebius of Caesarea, Bishop of Caesarea no! So close his side and kept with him of Aristotle, which we think, or Cabeiri, or fire! An interesting note of time in Praep defence is to be wanted ' ] read ' I do mean... The kingdom than fighting against the reputed heretic with the clay of bricks and!

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